Introducing espíritu libre to Mexico’s original beer

A truly original Position

In southern Mexico, SOL is more than a cerveza institution – it is a Mexican way of life. Move beyond the Mexican border, however, and SOL’s popularity pales in the shadow of its main Mexican competitors. SOL asked VBAT to bolster its

international image and reputation without compromising any of its local authenticity or credibility. In other words, Mexico’s first and most original beer wanted a radical reintroduction to a global audience.

Embracing culture

Most local-to-global redesigns involve translating the local spirit for a foreign audience. For SOL, we reversed the process by localising SOL’s new international identity. Embracing the fiercely independent Mexican spirit of this 125 year old beer brand, we unveiled a whole new domain for SOL under the

tagline ‘Espíritu Libre’. For millennia the sun has played a central role in Mexican life. Dating back to the Aztec and Mayan civilizations of southern Mexico, the sun has always been less object and more deity to Mexicans. Today, the sun continues to define Mexico’s personality and identity.


Iconising independence

Independent spirit sets the tone; the iconic drives the story. While the sun is central to SOL (it’s all in the name), we encouraged the brand to go all-in. The sun became the driver of the brand’s new identity and story. Not the sun as retro symbol, and definitely not as a trendy beach brand, but as a

symbol of southern Mexico’s slightly rebellious spirit and raw, unpolished honesty. High quality, hardworking beer enjoyed by contemporary Mexicans. Not a beer drunk exclusively by gringo’s on vacation.

Engaging all touch points

The reinvigoration of SOL was a massive project that involved everything from identity and labelling to packaging segments and a new bottle design. As lead 360o agency, VBAT also guided partner agencies for online, audio and

communications. A complete brand rethink that embraced SOL’s local heritage and popularity and elevated it to a premium, independent and truly Mexican brand.

‘The charmed Latin imperfection is a progressive Mexican disruption.’

Vicente Cortina, The Heineken Company

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