AH Hagelslag


The whole of The Netherlands sprinkles

Let’s sprinkle!

For generations the packaging of AH Hagelslag (Sprinkles) was aimed at children. For Albert Heijn it’s always been important to create a recognisable, iconic and attractive packaging design for the Sprinkles category. Changing marketing ethics meant that Albert Heijn wanted

to take responsibility and focus on a wider market than just children. We developed an iconic design without directly attracting children using familiar Dutch landscape styles that everyone can recognise and talk about.

Discover The Netherlands

With 'Heel Nederland strooit’ (All of Holland scatters) this authentically Dutch packaging takes you on a journey through our beautiful, diverse country: with coloured hail to the 'Bollenstreek', with pure sprinkles to the 'Wadden',

with milk sprinkles to the 'Dome' Tower and canals of Utrecht… By means of a lively, almost nostalgic, postcard style you are invited to rediscover all these special places.

Find the sprinkle

The air balloon invites you to join in exploring Holland. The pack shows you a 360 degree adventure and takes you on a journey that will excite you to the max! It is entertaining, inspiring… even a little educative for the whole family.

The whole range is attractive both on shelf and as an individual pack on table. The sprinkles play a role in each landscape. Can you find them?

‘After only a few days of introduction the first enthusiastic tweet came in. Consumers recognised the picturesque town in the centre of Holland, Utrecht.’

B.E. Dieperink invents "Hagelslag"
14 Mill.
kilograms consumed in NL per year
Golden Vertex Award

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