A new urban code for cash money

Cash in a digital world

Few countries have a higher density of ATMs than the Netherlands. But as Dutch society continues to go digital, ATM services are becoming increasingly obsolete. In 2018 The Netherlands' three largest banks – ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank – joined forces to launch a single ATM service for everyone, everywhere.

In that way the availability and accessibility of cash for consumers is guaranteed. They turned to us to create a name, brand strategy and brand identity. Introducing Geldmaat, your friendly neighbourhood ATM. Over the next three years it will become one of the country’s most conspicuous icons.

An ATM for everyone

The three major banks in the Netherlands started a collaboration to create a joint ATM network that will ensure an even distribution of ATMs throughout the Netherlands. For example, sometimes in a shopping area you see five ATMs from three different banks near each other. Based on the number of transactions and the number of visitors

in the area, two ATMs might actually be enough. Geldmaat is going to adjust the network in most situations like this.
Due to new software, the Geldmaat ATMs will all work the same way. The new network is expected to be finished at the end of 2020.

Introducing Geldmaat

Literally translated, ‘Geldmaat’ means ‘money buddy’.
The name perfectly captures the accessibility and user friendliness of the new ATM service.
An anthropomorphised money dispatcher that is both easy to use and impossible to forget. Very practical, very functional and very Dutch. 

The choice of yellow was both brand specific and strategic. Yellow is a warm colour that functions as a signal. Immediately recognisable and visible from afar, day and night. Easier to find in crowded urban settings and easier and safer to use for everyone. From the very beginning we treated this job as more than brand design, but as a service development.

User interface

Taking into consideration the most digitally vulnerable citizens in society – the elderly and visually impaired –we wanted to use this opportunity to rewrite, as much as possible, the ATM experience. Legibility was key: the brand

font chosen is specifically designed to be easier to read for the visually impaired. We also introduced a system of simple pictograms so as to avoid words entirely and make the ATM experience simple and intuitive.

‘The bright yellow colour and the friendly expression of Geldmaat will naturally become the new urban code for cashmoney in our cities.’

Annette van Grinsven, Communicatie & Public Affairs at Geldmaat

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