Frizzante with an edge: Canei reinvents itself.

Connecting to millennials

Since 1975, the Piedmontese brand had developed a reputation as a classic for old-timers and as a ‘starter wine’ for young adults. But as the market for Italian sparkling wines like prosecco and spumante continued to shift towards

quality, Canei wanted to reposition itself as an accessible and fashionable lifestyle drink. Not just another sparkling wine, but as an original Italian Frizzante.

Azure, a mastiff & a scooter

VBAT rediscovered Canei’s brand origins in the small, northern Italian village of Canelli and found inspiration in the town’s coat of arms, which features a large mastiff and a beautiful azure blue. VBAT built Canei’s new look and

tone-of-voice with these medieval elements, but gave them a contemporary twist. Capturing the frivolity and confidence of an industry pioneer, a new logo was created with the mastiff riding an Italian scooter, on an azure label.

Colourful by nature

The spirit behind the new bottle was to use the distinctive shape of prosecco bottles but with a fashionable edge. The original green glass was replaced by a new transparent branded bottle, focusing on the Italian brand’s colorful range

of light and fruity Frizini's. From apple, forest fruit and mango to peach, pear and strawberry, each flavour has its own light, fresh colour, resulting in a range of fashionable pastels.

A new ritual

With the new recipe, a new bottle, a new colour palette and new label sets, Canei has completely reinvented itself into a

light, fun and fashionable lifestyle drink for young adults.

‘A playful twist to Italian lifestyle.’

new bottles
new flavours

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