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Where the people make the difference

Consumer shopping behaviour is changing dramatically, not only by online opportunities and pressure of discounters but also by new food issues and the demand for time-saving solutions. Supermarkets have to find answers to these changes by constantly tailoring their formula towards the needs of their customers in order to

remain relevant and to the preferred choice, today and tomorrow. We answered this challenge by developing a new store format with a flexible and modular approach to fresh food and freshly prepared convenience food. A new concept where employees are given a platform to create the difference.

Building credibility in food by freshly prepare instore

PLUS is a cooperative quality supermarket chain with 260 stores in mostly mid-size cities across the Netherlands. Developing commercial, sustainable, in-store fresh food production (from scratch) is a challenge that can only be solved in partnership. Working together with the PLUS formula innovation team and our preferred partner, Mister

Kitchen (food developer agency) we created the ‘makery’; the focus point in the store where customers can experience the preparing of fresh food solutions during the day. Where personal interaction with the makers creates credibility on quality and taste. Freshly prepared in-store at daily affordable prices.

Optimistic and light on its feet

The store layout embodies a total overhaul of the approach for PLUS on delivering food solutions. The interior design concept “unpacked” creates an uncomplicated and honest experience. Flexible in arrangements and communication fixtures. In this way giving PLUS employees a new role –

open for interaction with customers and accessible to tell stories on produce, meals and the affordable prices. A store experience that is optimistic and light on its feet, giving space to the freshness and quality of the food on offer. PLUS supermarkets made relevant for every day.

‘I find it hard to imagine why I still should prepare my dinner at home when I see what they make here everyday’

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